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ColdCo Therapies is a leading direct distributor of DME, providing medical equipment solutions across the country since 2016.

Cold Therapy

Iceless fluid therapy temperature that can range between 43-49 degrees F

Heat Therapy

Up to 105 degrees F to help relieve muscle pain and spasms


Treatment for edema and lymphedema in upper and lower extremities with alternating compression of low, medium and high levels of compression

DVT Therapy

Compression modality to reduce the risk of DVT formation on the calf and foot


Programmable therapies via touch screen, to lock the specific prescription the provider has requested into the machine


We provide services nationally through our insurance contracts and have representatives to ensure providers and patients are assisted in a prompt manner. We handle each and every patient with care, and are fully licensed, insured and HIPPA certified and compliant. You can reach us via email, fax, or via personal cell phone at any time and each patient are given all forms of contact.

No one wraps a patient with care like we do!


Grateful for the SAM

I am incredibly grateful for the ability to use the SAM. The sound acoustic machine helped the pain I was experiencing in my shoulder from a laberal tear. Dr. Sanderlin ordered it to help avoid surgery and thankfully, my insurance covered it. The customer service was wonderful. Keaton, the representative, came out to my location to help me get it set up and show me how to use it. One of the clips broke off halfway through my time to use it and he met me again to replace it. I am impressed not only with the service provided but also with the efficacy of the machine itself. This is an ideal way (or step) to get away from prescription meds and surgery.

Kaislie Duffy

I was fortunate enough to

I was fortunate enough to be able to use the Cold Therapy machine after my knee surgery. It is a wonderful way to keep constant – well, almost constant – cooling on the recovering limb. If I could afford to purchase one, I would! Thanks to Will who brought it out and set it up for me. I appreciate all your help.

Rhonda Armstrong

Cold Co cooling machine relieves

Cold Co cooling machine relieves back pain better than a Rx of oxycodone. Dr Daftari ordered this cold therapy after lumbar fusion surgery. I highly recommend this therapy. Adam and Andrew provided excellent customer service.

Denise J Moroney

The Cold Therapy machine ordered

The Cold Therapy machine ordered by Dr. Tapan Daftari is by far the best DME to use for after lumbar fusion surgery. Instead of using prescribed oxycodone to relief pain I used this cold therapy machine. I would recommend this cold therapy. As the weeks went on and I was mobile even though I was feeling better I would use the cold therapy to relieve the low back pain when hurting and then complete my task. I found at least 2 rounds of 30 minutes with a break i between the 30 min sessions would relive me of the pain.

Adam Lurie, Manager set up the machine and gave directions for the proper use. When it was time to say good bye to this cold therapy machine Andrew made arrangements to stop by at a convenient time for me. If I owned a DME company I would want Adam and Andrew as co-owners. thank you Adam and Andrew.