Here at ColdCo Therapies, we pride ourselves on providing friendly and professional care to our patients and providers. We are licensed, insured, HIPAA compliant and service patients throughout the entire nation concentrated in the Southeast. Our goal is to quickly and safely get our patients back to normal daily life following surgery or injury.  We make it as seamless as possible for our providers and patients with our process, to ensure all needs are met, which is listed below.

  • Once RX is received from provider, we immediately contact patient to setup in-service with a date/time that is convenient for them.
  • Patient is thoroughly trained on safety and modalities of unit, and unit is dropped off for rental days specified by RX.
  • Each patient gets a brand new wrap for the area injured, along with instructions for use.
  • All patients receive cell number of technician for 24/7 access to have any questions answered and for a return or "check-up" service for any additional needs.
  • We contact patients weekly for check-in and follow up on status to provide 100% customer service.
  • We perform all billing.
  • Patient is then contacted to select best date/time for unit to be picked up when RX rental days are completed per RX.